The purpose of this business trip: Attending TIHE2018 exhibition and visiting Uzbekstan local dealers and hospitals so as to further enhance Perlove’s popularity in local dealers and hospitals and learn more about local marketing conditions and understand more about local medical service level.

TIHE is an exhibition focusing on locall hospitals and clinics. All local big medical distributors and some big forgein medical manufacturers have been participated in it to promote the their brand to the hospital.

Uzbekistan's current import policy allows clinics to directly import and purchase goods, banks also liberalize foreign exchange policy, so almost all hospitals, especially private ones, have strong self-purchase willingness.

The new Uzbekistan government has announced a new loan plan since the fall of 2017 that all provinces will have $1 million medical loan with a low-interest or non-interest-free, besides, the policy that all private hospitals can do surgery. All distributors consider this market is currently at the stage of growth in purchase demand. This is aslo a good time for us to complete registration, promote our brand and expand sales.

In general,new government's low-interest loan policy for hospitals has stimulated the confidence of the hospital's expansion, not only public but aslo private hospitals plan to construct new buildings and purchase of new equipment.