Usage of c arm fluoroscopy x ray machine PLX112C:
It can be used in Orthopedics:restore bone tranlocation,reset,fixing ;Surgery:remove foreign matters,implantable pacemakers,inverventional treatment,some of angiography and x-ray photography etc.

Features of Mobile C-arm X ray machine PLX112C:
1. Continuous pulse fluoroscope, it’s convenient to connect digital subtraction system.
2. With mega-pixel digital CCD photography, the image is clearer.
3. With unique image software processing technique, the image is clearer for doctors to operate and diagnose. Standard DICOM interface, it’s convenient to exchange information with hospitals.
4. Pulse fluoroscope has the advantage of low dose and clearer image, so it meets the needs of high precision, high difficulty minimally invasive surgery, which well protect the security of operator and patient.
5. Unique double foot brake controller design makes it convenient to control the instrument inside and outside the operation room. This design can also protect the health care professionals by reducing the probability to come into contact with the radiation.